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Pale Nadi Services Co., Ltd

Palenadi Services Co., Ltd is one of the subsidiaries of Palenadi Co., Ltd. We have 7 years of experience in providing our customers and clients with Shipping and Logistic services ranging from Custom Clearance to Warehouse solution. Our vast knowledge of local business transaction combined with our internationally experienced personnel enable us to provide satisfactory services for our customer. We are confident that our services are unique performance which will benefit our clients supporting them to extend their business to endless prosperity.


Pale Nadi Manpower

Pale Nadi Services(Manpower) Co.,Ltd is a subsidiary of Pale Nadi Group of Companies. We specialize in shipping and logistics, both export and import. We have over 9 years of experience in providing our customers with services such as, custom clearance, transport, warehousing, special cargo handling and etc.  more>>


SCZ Storage Solution

We would like to introduce our modernized racking system with reasonable price which you will find it more convenient to your growing and successful business. Our company is a specialized storage system company. Our expertise extends beyond just providing high quality products, but extends to a full service research.. more>>


SCZ Hot Water Solution

Energy Master Heat Pump is a renewable energy of hot water generator.Heat Pump uses the refrigeration cycle to accomplish this process.Not only change global warming to usable heat energy (exchange to hot water/usable hot air )but also get the cold energy (usable cool water/usable cool air).Heat Pump consumer electrical power 25% of heat… more>>


Pearl Nadi Travels and Tours

Pearl Nadi Travel Myanmar have much pleasure in introducing ourselves as well established Myanmar tour company with qualified and sound financial standing. We are authorized Myanmar tour operator carrying out Myanmar tourism business under the license No. Kha-1062 issued by the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism since 2004. more>>


SCZ Storage Solution

Selective Pallet Racks
Flow Racks
Long Span Shelf
Mezzanine Floor
Micro Rack
Mobile Cabinet